Programme VIC Strasbourg 9/10/ 2023 – 16/10/ 2023

Premier jour Lundi 9/10 

– Arrivée de Syri Blu,

– Réception de bienvenu

Deuxième jour, mardi 10/10 

– Rencontre avec la chorale française Vue (d’) ensemble

– Répétition

– Visite culture de Strasbourg

Troisième jour, mercredi 11/10 

– Arrivée de la Fédération Panhellénique des chorales et des chefs de chœur

– Réception de bienvenue

– Répétition,

– Visite culturelle de Strasbourg

Quatrième jour, jeudi 12/10 

– Répétition

– Conférence de presse

– Atelier

– -Visite culturelle de Strasbourg

Cinquième jour, vendredi 13/10 

– Répétition,

– Préparation

– Concert

Sixième jour 14/10 

-Départ de Siry Blu

– Visite culturelle de Strasbourg

Septième  jour 15/10 

– Visite culturelle de Strasbourg avec la Fédération Panhellénique des chorales et des chefs de chœur

Huitième, jour 16/10 

– Départ de la Fédération Panhellénique des chorales et des chefs de chœur

Project program for the training of young conductors in Karditsa (Greece).

1st day: arrival in Greece

Afternoon : The Ancient Greek Choral Lyric is very rich and is very important to have an approachment with this rich tradition of Ancient Choral Hellenic Music.
Also , it will be penetration in the Old Monophonic Christian Music of Orthodox Church.
It will be  a historical itinerary lecture on Greek and Balkan choral music monophonic and polyphonic .

2nd day:

– Introduction of the basic elements of conducting (Theory & praxis ) .
– The meaning and the role of the conductor of the Inclusive Choir.
Presentation with the level of individual musical and conducting training of young conductors.

– Familiarity with the organization and formation of a choral troupe in general and with people who have difficulty seeing in particular.

-Selection of singers by the conductor going to schools and Centers for blind people.

– The selected of persons: They must have studied music or have a great desire to sing in a group.

– The determination and exercising of voices.

3rd day :

– Explanation of the specific way of learning musical pieces starting from personal experience.

– Determining the repertoire by adapting to the level of the choirs ( Inclusive choir).

– The conductor must explain simply and clearly all the parts, authors, eras, content, musical construction, etc.

– The expert will explain and see in practice how to perform a piece of music with the inclusive choir.


4th  day:

– Young conductors will try to practice with the Inclusive  choir under the supervision of the conductor.

– It will be a master class with the conductors and the Inclusive choir on the Greek and Balkan repertory  of choral music from Ancient Greece till today.
Creation of choirs, activity, specifications, monophonic and polyphonic music of the Balkans, etc.

-Some well-known choral pieces of the Greek repertoire will be performed directly by the Greek choir  “Mixed Inlcusive Choir of Karditsa of Conservatory of Karditsa“ participating in the master class.

5th  day :
Morning meeting between workshop participants and leaders.

Conclusion and results of workshop for young choral conductors in Greece.
Departure from Greece.

This program has been prepared by the conductor Nikos Efthimiadis.